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Fred carries the highest quality dry aged Prime and Certified Angus Beef in the Capital Region! Our Smokehouses operate 24 hours a day, every day, featuring over 60 hand crafted quality items made the old fashioned way!

The best USDA Prime is at Fred The Butcher! There is one thing to remember when you come you will walk out with the best and highest quality meats at a price nobody can beat!

We Have the Largest Selection Of Prime Beef in Upstate New York! Prime1913500_922173677846908_4632997421734857343_o
Graduation Party Time! Enjoy a 3 Foot Sub made to order for just $70! Call in your order and please give us a two day notice! Enjoy

Fred’s Hams just out of our smoker! Experience the difference! IMG_2242

Fred’s homemade natural casing frankfurters ready for your weekend cookout……. Come try the best dog in the country.





The secret to the great steaks found at the very best steak houses is that the chefs select excellent Certified Angus Beef, but they have the beef dry aged.  Now, Fred The Butcher offers dry aged beef that is aged right in our store!  It is hung in our special cooler and meticulously cared for  to age for at least 30 days where the moisture in the meat is allowed to escape. Evaporation shrinks the beef and concentrates its flavor.  The result is superb beef with an extraordinarily rich flavor and buttery texture.  Fred The Butcher is the only store in the area that actually dry ages our Certified Angus Prime right in our store!

Our dry aged cuts include Steaks, Dry Aged Ribeye, Dry Aged T-Bone Steaks, and Dry Aged NY Strip Steaks and Dry Aged Standing Rib Roasts & Chops and more.

Now you can enjoy the finest as served is the best upscale restaurants when you come into Fred The Butcher!  You can see our Dry Aged Beef in the special refrigeration unit to the right of our Butcher Counter.

The best Certified Angus USDA Prime (wet aged) is what we bring you everyday in our Butcher area!  Whether you buy our traditional beef or try our Dry Aged be assured we carry the best Prime at the best price always from Fred The Butcher!

Dry aged is simply a unique gourmet taste experience!  Dry aged has a bolder and more robust flavor!  Perhaps you could say it’s like comparing “Light Beer” with Stout!”  or a nicely aged cheese such as Brie with a more basic cheese.

It’s a matter of taste!  Dry aged beef believe it or not has the same degree of tenderness as the regular Certified Angus Prime we sell at Fred The Butcher!  We encourage you to check out our Dry Aged Prime Beef for yourself  especially when you would like to experience something that is extra special!

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Introducing Fred’s Seafood from Gloucester Mass!
Fred’s is proud to present the Best Seafood from the docks of Gloucester, Mass! Come in for Wild Line Caught Coho Salmon! (Not farm raised) Wild Caught New England Dry Scallops! (not frozen and thawed) New England Haddock, Nantucket Flounder! Clams, Cod, Block Island Swordfish, Live Maine Lobster and more! We bring you the best USDA Prime and now Quality Seafood that is Simply the Best!! Yes, there’s a huge difference so come and see!!

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Gloucester to Fred’s Delicious Red Snapper!!


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FRESH SEAFOOD.. From the docks of Gloucester, MASS!


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