Our Meats

We cut our meat everyday in-house to guarantee freshness.


Fred the Butcher offers the biggest selection at the best price! You’ll find all your traditional favorites, and they are all USDA prime!

Dry Aged Beef

Fred The Butcher offers dry aged beef that is aged right in our store! It is hung in our special cooler and meticulously cared for to age for at least 30 days where the moisture in the meat is allowed to escape. Evaporation shrinks the beef and concentrates its flavor.


These chickens are raised with no animal by products, antibiotics or hormones. It’s the best Chicken anywhere, and it’s only at Fred The Butcher! Look for this chicken in our Special New Easy Dinners. made fresh in the store everyday!

Fred also carries a full line of Free Range, USDA Certified Organic Chicken


Our Famous Chairman Reserve Pork is second to none! Whether it’s a roast, pork chops, or tenderloin, you just can’t get better pork anywhere! No solutions or water added! Fred wouldn’t stand for that, he only carries the best money can buy!

Sausages & Kielbasa

All of our Ham, Kielbasa, and more are smoked right in the store! We use hickory firewood to smoke our meats. including our own bacon! Why would you want anything less? It’s all the best, and made on the premises.

We even make our own hot dogs and beef jerky!