Salads are made fresh everyday and meats are smoked in-house

Deli Meats are Prepared In-House

Roast Beef and Turkey are roasted right in our store. Of course, our ham is smoked in the store too. We have Homemade Honey Maple Glazed Ham made with local Honey and in store made Blackforest ham too!

Homemade Salads

We have great potato, macaroni, cole slaw and pasta salads fresh made and prepared every day and we only use real Hellman’s mayonnaise. Our newest version of chicken salad features cranberries and walnuts! And check out those stuffed Portabella mushrooms – fit to be a main course!

Prepared Meals

If you’d like something easy for dinner you’ll also find fresh homemade stuffed cabbage, chicken parm, eggplant parm, stuffed peppers and more.. again we make them fresh in the store.

You’ll love our in store hand made meatballs!

Sauces & Dressings made from Secret Family Recipe

You’ll see a variety of sauces & dressings that take hours to make. We make our own sauces right in the store from recipes that have been handed down through the family! Our sauces & dressings only have the purest ingredients and no additives all at a great price.

Local & Imported Cheese

We have freshly grated cheeses both imported and from local dairy farmers. Pick them up and enjoy!

Olive & Pepper Bar

Get the freshest imported olives and peppers at Freds.